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How to Stay Competitive in Robotics

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What’s up, everybody? It’s callen with ventech search group based in phoenix, arizona. In today’s video, I want to talk about some innovative ways robotics companies can step up their performance in order to stay competitive. In the robotics industry, it is vital that companies pay careful attention to every aspect of their businesses. Here are three innovative ways for robotics companies to step up their performance to start off the number one way to increase performance is to implement advanced software, which may seem like a given to some. But software is a vital factor in the success of any company, no matter what industry they operate in. There’s a huge range of software which robotics companies can use and which will help them to take their business to the next level. Many robotics companies are using production planning software to streamline the production and scheduling processes. This allows companies to spend more time on development and innovation. Everything from manufacturing orders to inventory management can be done through one fully integrated software program which enables companies to create a more rounded business. The second way for companies to really improve their performance is by hiring the best talent, whether it is the most creative engineers, the highest quality manufacturers or the savviest marketing team the success any robotics company is built on its employees. Sourcing the very best employees available in every facet of a company’s operation will ensure that the overall performance of the company improves a lot hiring in the robotics industry is incredibly competitive, particularly when it comes to developmental engineers and the most talented are often picked off by the big robotics companies from their smaller competitors. If you’re a smaller company using a headhunter such as myself as a great idea, the top talent and all-stars already have a home and are not looking for a change they’re too busy killing it at their current company to look at job ads. That’s why you need someone out there actively hunting for you. The third way toe have high levels of performance, and probably the reason why you’re at a robotics company in the first place is to think outside of the box. The best scientists and engineers have incredible imaginations, and some of the most important scientific breakthroughs have come by scientists thinking outside of the box. Scientific facts, which we now take for granted were often seen as comical or crazy when they were first proposed. Gravity, the theory of evolution, a round earth. All of these were seen as highly controversial at the time. And by some people still, today. The most successful robotics companies scout engineers who have a unique and innovative way of thinking in order to create the most amazing new robotic products. These kind of engineers are never satisfied with what has come before and are fueled by what normal people would see as an impossible challenge. It is thes people who come up with the industry leading products, which enables their company to really step up their performance. Those are my top three tips for being innovative and achieving higher levels of performance. Which of these do you guys think is the most important? If you have any other suggestions that help drive success or if you have used any in the past yourself, let me know in the comments what you guys think. Thanks for watching guys.

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"We conducted an engaged search for a VP of Engineering and were shocked by how quickly we were presented with candidates for an executive-level position like this. As we scale, we know who our go-to recruiting firm will be. "

Plant Manager, Automotive Organization

Our HR and talent acquisition team spent 8 months trying to find 4 production managers for our brand new, highly automated cell with no luck. Ventech was able to recruit 4 great candidates within 30 days and we hired all 4. I'm still not sure how they did it, but we are extremely happy with the results and the quick turn around time.

Production Manager Candidate

Ventech has been a group of incredible recruiters for me. They always stay in contact with me, helping me prepare for interviews, and doing everything they can to help me. Within the first week, they had an interview lined up for me and I had multiple offers on the table after just two weeks. I highly recommend having Jay and his team in your corner.

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