With the way most firms hire now, it’s nearly impossible find candidates for advanced manufacturing positions, like a senior engineer, quickly.

All it takes to avoid costly scenarios where searches play out over months is to leverage hiring plans in a smarter way — by setting up passive candidate pipelines.

Companies need engineers who can write code. Sometimes they need candidates experienced in GUI-based automated testing. Others want deep learning in frameworks like Caffe and TensorFlow.

When you start stacking those requirements on top of one another, the pool gets thin.

If you’ve ever tried to source for these types of positions, you’ve might have found a handful of potential candidates — and they likely all had a job.

Passive candidate pipelines help you develop relationships with those employed candidates. But you still benefit from having the ability to engage with other candidates looking for work. (click the button below to learn more about passive candidate pipelines)

Best of all, pipelines give your company a true canvas of the candidate field because you will capture the interest of those who are not looking at job ads — but would switch companies for the right offer.

Our company, VenTech Search, sets up passive candidate pipelines for companies typically looking to optimize their hiring plan and get a head start on their hardest to fill positions.

The only change in how you hire now is to leverage your hiring plan to your advantage. We would set up the pipelines at no risk or upfront cost to you.

It’s appealing because you’ll know well in advance what your hiring situation looks like as the opening date approaches.

It significantly reduces the possibility of a long search — which ultimately directly costs your company money.

Instead, you are able to leverage VenTech’s ability to find candidates who possess all of your required skills — and nurture them on your behalf until you are ready to interview.

As a search firm specializing in automation, robotics and controls, we help companies find some of the smartest and talented candidates in the world.

The wise companies who work with us are shifting to a passive candidate pipeline approach.

Set up your first pipeline and get an advantage over your competitors. While most companies will continue to search with job ads and the like, your company can have VenTech nurturing your next group of superstars.

And when you are ready, we can have candidates to you within two business days.

Compare that with the average length-to-hire of 68 days, and you’ll see how this can significantly help you acquire talent faster and with greater efficiency.

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