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How Robots Help Manufacturing

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What’s up, everybody? It’s callen with ventech search group, based in phoenix, arizona. In today’s video, I want to talk about four benefits of using robots in the workplace. Although the initial cost of installing a single robot may be high, the benefits are immense. Let’s take a look at the following benefits of installing a universal robot. Number one and most important, robots reduce workplace injuries. Manufacturing industries have a ton of task that pose a risk of bodily harm to humans. For example, lifting massive amounts of material or falling from extreme heights. A universal collaborative arm can do all these tasks. Keeping your employees safe. A single arm is programmed to handle all the processes that go into manufacturing with precision. One machine can lift, weld, paint and transport products from one place to another safely and effectively. Number two and probably the most beneficial for the bottom line. Robots reduce the cost of production. A major concern for most companies isn’t necessarily the price of the material used to make goods, but more so the cost of labor. With the minimum wages rising all across the country, it’s a huge challenge to lower or even keep the price of goods the same when labor is ever increasing. Using a robot cuts down on cost saving you money on salaries, insurance and benefits. Paid the workers. A single robot can be deployed to perform the various task in your production plant with ease and precision benefit number three is reducing the time spent on production. Time is money, or so they say. Robots can drastically reduce production time. Unlike humans, robots work faster and continuously. They never have to take breaks. And two run 24/7 the amount of time saved on production not only saves you money on production costs, but allows you to sell more and sell quicker. The fourth benefit you’ll see by investing in robots has increased productivity and growth. Productivity and growth are greatly affected by the lack of skilled labor. It could be rather expensive, defined and keep skilled labor and qualified personnel to perform all the necessary task within a production unit, not to mention reports of shortages of labour’s manufacturing industries that use robots continuously report production levels that supersede their projections. How do you guys feel about this upward trend of robotics being implemented in the workplace? Has your company started to implement universal robots? It’s so what are some of the things you’ve seen after adapting them? Let me know in the comments, and i’ll see you guys next week, everybody.

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CEO, Global Manufacturing Organization

"We conducted an engaged search for a VP of Engineering and were shocked by how quickly we were presented with candidates for an executive-level position like this. As we scale, we know who our go-to recruiting firm will be. "

Plant Manager, Automotive Organization

Our HR and talent acquisition team spent 8 months trying to find 4 production managers for our brand new, highly automated cell with no luck. Ventech was able to recruit 4 great candidates within 30 days and we hired all 4. I'm still not sure how they did it, but we are extremely happy with the results and the quick turn around time.

Production Manager Candidate

Ventech has been a group of incredible recruiters for me. They always stay in contact with me, helping me prepare for interviews, and doing everything they can to help me. Within the first week, they had an interview lined up for me and I had multiple offers on the table after just two weeks. I highly recommend having Jay and his team in your corner.

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