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How to Create an Online Training Program

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Hi guys, it’s jasna cubric, recruiting manager with ventech search group coming up with another video this time to help out managers and mentors around the globe who ended up in the situation to train their new and existing employees online due to this pandemic situation.

While remote has a lot of advantages in terms off costs and efficiencies, when it comes toe training remote employees challenges are multiple. Therefore, I want to keep this today’s topic on how to ensure that your employees get the most out of your online training.

So here are a couple off best practices to consider when crafting your online training. Considering that you may have international employees, one of the first thing to think about would be translating your training to different languages and the biggest mistake here is translating your training automatically. No matter if you even have power tools for that.

So be mindful off the following as it is a little more complicated than automatic translation. So first, acronyms and abbreviations, these often don’t translate well or even have a different meaning in different languages.

So use the whole word instead, length of words and characters and this specifically effects videos, so make sure to make enough space for subtitles in case that words get longer and translated to another language.

Then we have the words which are simply not transferrable, or, if they are translated, they don’t mean anything in another language, we all know that phrase, such as lost in translation.

So before you give your online training and finish it, run it by a native speaker to check these things. And depending on how many cultures you have within your global team, think about non variable languages as well, second thing to think about when crafting your online training, are delivery modes, different people learn differently.

And while self based video program is pretty much convenient, not everybody can learn only from video. So make sure to optimize your training and offer different and diverse options such as documented content, chunk videos, online forum or even virtual classroom where you can record a live instruction.

Anything else you can think about, just make sure to make divers delivery modes and feed everyone’s learning styles and abilities. Number three, learning objectives.

Especially if you’re expanding internationally. It is very important to make clear learning goals before even going in to any development and learning plans. There are a couple of points to consider here and making such cause.

One is the meaning that is necessary for all employees. Skills and technologies necessary for employees in certain location. The technological infrastructure and equipment required for the program trainings that are requested from employees and your budget.

Number four is learning timeline, and this one is rather advantage than challenge, considering the fact that we don’t have to any more weight for a group to be formed. But start training employees as soon as they joined the company instead.

Here, cutting your program into smaller units comes very handy as it prevents technology or bandwidth issues that some remote employees may face and also helps solving problems in a real time and improves understanding.

Number five engagement in order to improve engagement and effectiveness because, quite frankly, we are not all self starters. When it comes to a learning, you can use one off the learning management systems where you can check in to monitor and oversee employee learning in progress.

You can also get creative and make a letter board that displays graphically employees running and progress and make it more fun for them along. That would be all for today.

If you need any help or have any questions, you can contact me on linkedin or the email below. And until next time, take care and have fun.

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