The Resignation Process

We get asked all of the time,” how do I resign from my current company after accepting a new offer?”


Resigning from a job you have put your blood sweat and tears into to go work for another company can be one of the most stressful things anyone can do in their career.


Because of that we have put together some information that will help you transition into your new position seamlessly and stress free.


How to resign from your job is actually easier than you think, and most bosses will actually wish you well and make themselves available as a resource to you. If they are a good boss!!


First, do not give out information about your new job to anyone except your family, especially other recruiters, co-workers, or your current boss.


While it’s highly unlikely, we have seen this information used against candidates and can damage you if they know the details about your new job.


We recommend telling co-workers, current bosses, and recruiters that as soon as you land in your new job and get settled, you will share with them who you went to work for.


Next, you should offer your resignation in writing and it should read something like this: (Sample Resignation Letter Below for Your Use)


Current Date



Person you are resigning to

Their Title



Dear Person you are resigning to,


In accordance with the Company policies and procedures, I am hereby submitting two week’s notice of termination of my employment. My last day of employment at Company will, therefore, be (last day you will be employed and, on the premises,).


I would like to extend my gratitude to you and to Company for having given me the opportunity to work with an outstanding group of professionals and the experience gained while employed with this organization. However, I have been made an excellent offer which will provide a number of exciting opportunities for both career and professional advancement. After careful consideration of this offer and of my position at Company, I have made a final decision to accept.


During my last two (or whatever is in your contract) weeks at Company, I will make every effort to ensure a smooth transition of my responsibilities to the appropriate person and will make myself available to assist wherever necessary to achieve this. I will also be willing to answer any queries concerning projects that I have worked on after my termination date should this prove necessary.


Yours sincerely,



Your first and last names


After you submit your resignation it is your responsibility to leave your current employer in the best standing possible. Do everything you can to complete and outstanding projects, transition any files, projects or passwords to the appropriate person, and last but not least find out who will be assuming your work load and get them up to date so nothing slips through the cracks after you leave.


If you follow these steps you will create a smooth and stress-free transition for you and you current employer.

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