The most common reaction employers have to using a recruiting firm is, “We don’t need help.” Let’s be honest, it’s hard to admit you need help, especially if you don’t realize when you do.

Sure, you have an internal recruiting/HR team working on your openings. Of course, you have a LinkedIn Recruiter license giving you the ability to contact candidates directly or so you think. Who doesn’t? However, you can’t stop there! There are other things to consider. Things that could make or break your success.

In today’s world, recruiting is more than just posting jobs, screening candidates, and pushing around applications. It’s employment branding, company culture, cutting edge technology, and leadership consulting on all talent related issues in the organization. To do it right, you need the perfect mix of people, strategy, tools, and resources.

Think about it. If you have a key opening you need a top-notch strategy to fill it. You aren’t just looking for a candidate, but the best candidate out there. Isn’t that what you want? If so, you need to change your perspective on how you make it happen.

A search firm will never replace an internal recruiting or HR team. Each has their own unique skill set they bring to the table. So, stop worrying about your job, we are here to make you look good. Start partnering up strategically to do bigger things. It’s just good business practice. Here’s why.

7 Reasons Why It’s Good Business to Use a Boutique Recruiting Firm

  1. The person you want, that perfect candidate, is happy at the competition and not actively looking for a job. It doesn’t matter how many jobs your team posts or where they post them. You aren’t going to snag the person you really want (and need)!
  2. A boutique recruiting firm has deeper connections within your niche. They spend 100% of their time networking and building connections with passive candidates ready to take their call. If they don’t know about your opening, how can they consider coming to your company to make it better?
  3. It takes skill and time to cold call passive candidates and interrupt their work day. Your recruiting/HR team likely doesn’t have the bandwidth to do that kind of digging and in most cases company policy prevents them from directly calling your competitors. Their time is likely better spent on something more strategic. Outsource the research and tell the search firm what company names and position titles to go after for your niche searches.
  4. Without a direct line to the person you want to talk to, it can be difficult to get through. A boutique recruiting firm can take a different, more professional approach. Not only can they gather names and contact information for the exact people you want to talk to, they can do it without your employment brand taking a hit for poaching from the competition.
  5. Hiring is time consuming. Chances are your recruiters/HR team have other projects that can compete and slow down the hiring process. Having a dedicated resource for hard-to-fill jobs will make those hires happen faster. Sometimes having that second set of hands is just what you need.
  6. Candidate relationship building is critical! To close a top performer, you need to get inside their head and know what motivates them. A boutique search firm can do that for you. Candidates will be more engaged and accept for the right reasons, meaning they will stay longer!
  7. Search firms focus on making a placement happen so make them part of the team, don’t view them as another annoying vendor. Their success is riding on it. So, a good firm will dig in, ask the tough questions, do the things you can’t do, and find you that perfect candidate that, otherwise, would have never found you through your traditional online recruiting channels.

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